Why Choose Me To Help You Clean Your Home or Office

I started my first cleaning company in Tucson, AZ in 1988. Busy Bee’s Cleaning was a way to supplement our household income while my children were in school. What I found was …. I LOVE to clean. Weird right?

I am (GOOD) at it. Years later my daughter followed in my footsteps and started Clean Sweep. She would say to her clients, (“Mom and Me are coming!”) and so we became Mom and Me Clean Sweep Team.


Basic Cleaning. You just want someone to come in and change the sheets, vacuum, scrub the bathroom/kitchen and go.

Deep Cleaning. You want it ALL. The basics and so much more. Let’s walk through and talk about what you want done. This can be (WEEKLY) or a (ONE AND DONE service).

Post Construction.

With our post-construction cleaning service, you’ll be able to enjoy your new space in no time! I will make sure that you won’t have to worry about construction dust and debris once you move in. Choose me and I guarantee that there will be no paint drippings, adhesive stains, and unpolished countertops that escape my sight!

COVID Disinfecting.

Lessen the risk of cross-contamination in your home. For Covid-19 disinfection, I will disinfect every surface of your home so that your relatives, toddlers, and kids remain safe. I use only safe, concentrated disinfectants to get rid of harmful microorganisms that can harm your family. Mitigate the risk. Keep your family safe. Contact me now.

Move In/Move Out.

Free yourself from the extra stress! Let us handle your moving in/moving out cleaning needs! I ensure prompt service so you can go back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Your place is guaranteed to be immaculate!


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We had a hard project to paint the outside of our house. We had no idea where to start, and we are a two story 3 peak house out in the country with bees and weeds. We had a budget to consider so Julianne helped our family from start to finish. She let us know what to do to get ready, what to buy and how much to buy. She was amazing with her time and instruction. We worked great as a team and got it done in a few days. Our house turned out beautiful and the cost was such a savings. I would highly recommend working with Julianne in any capacity
Lori S. Eugene, Oregon